Monday, January 20, 2014

New Beginnings....

I wasn't aiming to stay long. I was just going by school to check some software for an upcoming presentation. Then.....I went into my "office". It's been more of a closet this year. We didn't move back into the school until after convocation and everything pretty much stayed where it landed. I've been in "Rotation", aka librarian Purgatory, all year. I've been promised a new schedule where I actually can see some library classes (k-2), have time to work with teachers, and...gasp....have an actual, real conference period that isn't small chunks of 5 here, 10 there. I'm hoping I can actually catalog what we got from bookfair soon. I'm releaved....but wary. We also got awesome new laptops last week so the dinosaur desktop is going away. I'll not be chained to the checkout desk....not that I've had time to be outside the lab....but still.....hoping. I decided I needed to "find" my desk. 

I wish I had "before" pictures......because it was BAD!!!!! Dangerous bad....surprised the fire Marshall didn't list me bad....can't get to the phone on time because there's junk in the way bad....

But look!!!!! I have a desk.....with a surface.....that's (gasp) clean!!!!

I also added myself an inspiration wall full of posters from Venspired. I also included my "No Whining" sign....I think I've needed that one lately.

It's not perfect. When the custodians started asking if I knew how to set the alarm system so I could let myself out, I decided that was my cue to scram.

But I can get to the phone without risking bodily harm, and even have enough of. On my desk for my laptop. Not bad for a day off. Now counting the days to that new schedule......

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