Friday, September 23, 2011


Huh? That's been my most used word for the past 18 years. Way back in the 1993/1994 school year I was a 3rd year band director.....and I lost the flutes. No, they didn't go anywhere.....I just couldn't hear them anymore. That was just the beginning. After hearing tests that my insurance didn't cover and doctors and tests that it didn't cover either, I was told to "go home and learn to live with it" I did.....for a while. Around 1997, I bought my first hearing aids......pricey little gadgets that helped.....some. By 2007, I bought more....probably needed them long before that. This time insurance helped....some. This summer, the sweltering 2011 wild crazy new library building, book shelving, color tagging summer....a good bit of what hearing I had left.....went to join the flutes. So....that's how I'm going bionic. I'm about to get myself a cochlear implant. I'm not kidding about the bionic part either.....the one I'm getting is from a company called Advanced Bionics.

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