Saturday, September 24, 2011

What a week!

Monday was my appointment for screening to see if I'd be a good CI candidate. I'd been sent to Dr. Peters by Dr. Rohn a couple of weeks ago and anxiously waiting. I got there insanely early. ;) After more beeps I could feel but not hear and words I could hear but not understand, it was official. I'm getting a CI. Seriously, I got 0% on the word recogniton test....0!!! There are tons of things that have to be done first so I jumped right into them. Once insurance approves, they won't be waiting on me.....getting all of it done...most of it this week. After seeing Leslie and Dr. Peters, I was off to the MRI. Now, I'm a serious grade AAA chicken so the "with contrast" bothered me. I HATE IV's. HATE. The first spot they tried....didn't work....but I have a nice bruise to show for it. 2nd one went fine. I have to admit, as medical vampires go, the dude did pretty well. So.....$702 and 20 minutes in the MRI machine letting the various hums entertain me.....a bit of dye in the IV and back in for a while longer....I admit.....I almost napped. I think that was probably the only time by brain has let me really think all week....the rest is a bit blurry from whizzing by. Then came the audio/verbal therapist....I have to remember to bring a Playaway with me to my next appointment....she was totally excited at the thought of those for audio therapy. That came Thursday. Friday brought the balance test. This one was painless but sorta dissapointing. As someone that loves to be shook up....rollercoasters, spinning things, etc....I was hoping to be strapped into a gyroscope or something. It was weird. Imagine laying on a table with blacked out side of which is a camera. I had to keep my eyes open to the camera could read whatever it was reading.....and count backwards from 3's....all while they blew cold air in my ear. Then I got to name cities by the alphabet...Atlanta, Boise, Chicago, get the point. Now I'm waiting for the appointment with my family doctor to say I'm ok for surgery (Monday) and the phych appointment (October 8th). Kinda wondering what that one is going to entail.....I mean.....I have 56 graduate hours.....I'm sure I can figure out how to use the thing.....I WANT I'm GOING to use the thing. That and insurance clearance is all I need. I'm getting awesome support from my new friends at Hearing Journey and have already connected with a couple of Advanced Bionics people that are totally awesome. All quite a whirlwind....but hopeful that it's all going to be totally worth it.

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