Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I got a new map yesterday.
Not just any map....Fidelity 120 with 80 IDR. I can't believe how much fuller it is. Just this morning I was about to chicken out on the idea of it on.

Just for grins, we tried the booth. Bearing in mind my old score on my right ear was a big fat itself it's now a 51%. Put that with my combined previous score (both bad ears together) ....I had a 9%. Now with one CI and just nature on the left.....84%! Even that 51% is so much better than the 9 before.....45 point improvement for the CI ear vs everything before.

Music sounds better, speech sounds better, WOW!

I'd been testing at 70% on CLIX for a month. With just the change of map I jumped to 82% AND there were 2 that I just flat clicked the wrong button...ooops.

My audiologist is very happy and said whenever I'm ready to begin the process for ear 2, just let he know and she'll schedule for it to begin.

The only bad of the day....since Friday she managed to misplace the Neptune order form so we are waiting for a fresh one by email so I can get my order going. (Anyone have one?)

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