Monday, October 3, 2011

As time stands still.....

I'm getting impatient. I have read so many things, surfed for so many answers, read the brochure like 100 times. I either need new and exciting info or I need to get this show on the road. Saturday I have the psycholgical evaluation. That's the last hurdle before setting the surgery date. I'm kinda stressing about this one. I have started filling out the major strengths....WAIT! What? I don't wanna. ;) I can just picture myself being plopped on some couch expected to spew out my life's fears and I can't understand the questions because I can't read their lips. I'm probably just building it up to something bigger than it is. the papers, they ask if I finished jr high.....I finished grad school, ok? The balance test wasn't near as exciting as I'd rollercoasters or gyroscopes. :( My insurance letter came in approved....sorta. All it said is that they DO pay for this sort of thing but not that they are approving mine. Maybe they have to set the date first. So....when is time going to start moving again?

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