Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Change of plans....but not too bad

I got an email yesterday that Dr. Peters will be out on 11/14 and I'd need to re-schedule my surgery. After 24 hours of stressing about when it would actually end up, I finally got it fixed. My date is changing to 11/16 but that is actually better. Before my pre-op would have been Friday 11/11 and I'd have had to tweak my week with the kids to get them all in. With pre-op being on the 15th and surgery on the 16th, I can finish the earlier week intact and not really miss as much time. I'll still have the rest of that week plus the whole week of Thanksgiving to recover. Something to really be thankful for this year. :) Another plus is that the next Diary of a Wimpy Kid book comes out on the 15th so Caleb will have something to entertain him during the wait while I'm in surgery.
Today I visited the chiropractor for some work on my poor stressed neck muscles. This was likely their last visit with the "marching ants" aka TENS machine. Electromagnetic thingies and Cochlear Implants don't mix.
I'm sure I'll continue stressing.....afterall they ARE about to cut into my head and stick stuff inside, but at least it's getting closer and everything is coming together.

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