Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting closer

Another week done. This really wasn't a hard week but I'm wiped out anyway. My bookfair comes on Monday so maybe my tiredness is anticipation of the exhaustion that the next 2 weeks will bring. Bookfair is fun, incredible, amazing...and exhausting. The kids love it! That's the best part....that and getting "free" books from all that work....sweat equity. ;) I'm probably crazy but I plan to let the kids check out library books AND do their wishlists during class next week. It's gonna be busy.

I printed the Bionic Buddy book today from the Advanced Bionics website. I'm going to read it to my kids the week after bookfair and tell them that I'm going to go get an implant like Buddy so I can understand them when they ask for things. I'm thinking I'll send home a page explaining what we talked about so that parents will know, too.

Sometimes I think "I can hear so much stuff....why do I need this" and then little Glen asked me for Calvin and Hobbes....and it took 5 tries with 3 different voices....and I got it....but I admit it was just a guess. Yes.....I DO need this.

"I want a book about ____________". Andy commented a couple of weeks ago....."you get everything but the important word".....the thing is.....the important word isn't guessable. Other things....grammar, syntax, sentence flow....those are's the important thing that is illusive. "I want a book about".....well....that's my world. The WHAT it's about is the part that could be anything....dinosaurs, football, flowers, Pokemon, Guinea Pigs, Helen Keller, cooking, zombies, presidents, cats, UFOs,......the possibilities are endless.

I've decided to take off the day AFTER activation...and go experience sound. I know this thing, no matter how well it works, is going to be emotional.....and I'd like to get a few "what was THAT?!? experiences over with unwatched. I plan to go to the park and see if I can experience birds, leaves, footsteps, tennis balls. I plan to go to the mall and experience heels (not on me!), background music, people. I might treat myself to Rosa's and see if tortilla chips sound as nasty as they did with hearing aids.....I hated hearing myself chew. I might even go see Breaking Dawn and see if vampires still mumble. I'd probably need to try Sonic, too....or Taco Casa....and see if drivethru's are as bad an experience as they are now....I sure hope it's better. A trip to 6 Flags will be in order soon, hear the joyful screams. ;)

Mostly I want to hear kids.....MINE mostly. He gets so frustrated with me. He's also tired of being my drivethru interpreter. He's a good kid.

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