Sunday, October 30, 2011


Just a few thoughts since it's been over a week since I blogged:

I survived week 1 of bookfair and it went really well.
I forgot to get change.
These kids are bringing real money...not just the baggies of pennies my old group did.
Did I mention I need change?
I'll be open 6:30-6:30 on Thursday....I think I may be crazy.

We went camping with Yogi this weekend.
We had tons of fun.
I love the bed-warmers in our camper.
I'm glad we remembered the heater this time.

I had a thought (deep)....if hearing loss is often noise-induced, isn't hearing aid use like a self-fulfilling just cranks it right up there and knocks out more hair cells.
My appologies to the guy at is nothing wrong with the order's me. I just can't give up my happy hour just cause I'm deaf and the kid isn't with me to translate.
17 days till surgery.....37 till activation. Yea!!!

Last night at Yogi, I had a Zombie Chef.
Tomorrow he's going to be a mad scientist.
For a kid that is afraid of scary, we are doing an awful lot of Halloween.
Wonder how much candy I can swipe. ;)

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