Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The day before

Pre-op day. Doing something I won't be allowed to do tomorrow....having breakfast. I'm torn between wanting to go early and get it done and not wanting to be there at 5am. I'll find out this afternoon what time we'll be doing this thing tomorrow. I hope I'm remembering everything I need.

Yesterday I went to the chiropractor and got my elbows and shoulder back in line. Nice massage....good and deep. Kinda sad that I can't use the marching ants (TENS machine) anymore except lower. Don't want to cause a short in my head or anything.

Roxy is staring at me. She wants my breakfast. She's a good girl. Yesterday someone posted about training your own hearing dog. She does pretty well with telling me there is someone at the door but not sure beyond that. Pretty sure we'd not want to take her out to dinner. :)

Thankful today for the support of my friends both new and old. It's awesome to have found such a supportive group as Hearing Journey. There is a chat tonight with the Advanced Bionics CEO. That should be cool. Glad to have my team holding down the fort at school, too. It's all shelved. My desk is a mess but what else is new. I'm surprised I left emptyhanded yesterday and didn't bring home work. I can always create work though. ;)

Off to haircut, lunch and pre-op.....

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