Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Surprise! Activation 2 weeks early!

Went for my post-op and "equipment orientation" yesterday (11/22/11). My audi came out to get me already looking like the cat that swallowed the canary. She asked if I wanted to try going ahead and! COURSE! Now up till this morning I was still kinda freaked over anything touching that ear but I can hardly tell it's sitting there. We did the range of beeps thing.....then had some laptop issues....more really sounds like my crickets went musical...or at least rhythmic....but they help. It's high, it's's not REALLY voices.....but it is so helping my understanding....and it's already mutating. It gets better and better. Right now I can hear myself type. I heard the cat. My husband started tapping his leg....I heard sounded weird until I realized that's what it was but I heard it! She told me that she did test me in the Operating Room and that she had to double check that she wasn't on demo mode....that all 16 were firing textbook perfect. YEA! I did have to have a stronger magnet as I still have some swelling. She said program 1 may last me a bit longer because it will get louder as the swelling goes down. I have 3 programs (varying loudness) and go back Wednesday Dec.1 for my next map then Tuesday December 6 for another (which would have been my activation day). As for the surgeon...he just looked at my incision site, said good.

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