Saturday, November 26, 2011


I bought myself an awesome pair of $60 noise-canceling earbuds Black Friday for $19, spent $2.15 at the fish department in Petsmart and fixed myself a good way to listen. My first listening adventure with CI side only....Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid. I think I did pretty well. I let my eyes get ahead of the voice a couple of times and lost my place but was able to find it again without cheating and sticking in the other earbud. I also took the thumbprints test at the listening room and scored 38%. Not great but not hideous either considering my new ear is less than a week old.

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  1. Here's the credit for this earbud modification: WITH THANKS to Howard Samuels, Tom Hannon and Sam Spritzer for their great invention! It would've been nice if you could have added this.

    Also, posting the instructions so other people can do the same. Go to the bottom of my post to find a downloadable PDF with full instructions: "Earbud modifications v2"