Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Surgery day...the official report

I got there at 5:45 and went to prep about 6:10. They took me in promply at 7:30 but not before I'd been able to grill my surgeon to be sure he was 100% using AB. He's a nester, by the way....I asked that, too. I don't remember a single thing from 7:30...scooting over to the surgery table and waking up about 9-something needing to throw up. They got me some good meds added and I was SOOOOOO sleepy. I was insanely groggy till about 11:30 when they had me move around some. I was discharged about noon. I catnapped during the hour-long ride home...nothing eventful. After a nice cup of chicken and stars and sweet tea, I had about a 2-hour nap. Right now I have a sonic burger plain with ketsup on order and plan to have pain meds and a nap to follow.
They gave me sprite to sip in the hospital and now I have an insanely painful case of burps....pressure....ouch. Tinitus....the crickets are still with me but now at a cricket convention. Occationally they fine the karyoke machine. Comes and goes.
The surgeon even gave me pictures of my ear, the stitches, the array (inside....eeeew), etc.

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