Friday, November 25, 2011

What? My ears aren't bleeding?

After some mid-morning shopping, Caleb and I went to lunch at Panda Express (his favorite) and a movie. He picked Arthur's Christmas and I picked the theatre (Frisco Cinemark) since I wanted one with captions. Movie was great and my CI and I did fine. After the movie he conned me into going to the mall. Not just any mall....Grapevine Mills.....a pretty darn big mall......on Black Friday. I bought him a new LEGO mystery guy ($2.60) and me a new pair of jeans ($7.66) then hit Chik fil A for a brownie and Dr Pepper. That's when the noisyness kicked up. Mr. Silly....started singing....loudly.....about donuts.....opera style. He did this................all.....the.......way.......home......all 45 minutes of drive worth. My CI was screaming but he was being funny and I actually understood some of it....mostly "donut". Just about the time we walked in the door my battery died......I was thankful.


  1. You allowed your kiddo to sing opera for 45 minutes in the car? With a new CI? Glutton for punishment! Of course you were happy when the battery died!

    Malls are good hearing therapy, they are loud, sounds bounding off countless walls, babies crying and elevator or mall music. If you can do good in a had a good day! : )


  2. Battery die moments can be silent answers to prayers :) Or just another way our life tells us - Time Out Time